National Archives Research 2010

This report describes the activities and findings of the Trail of Tears Association’s Oklahoma Chapter research team, which in July 2010 made a week-long trip to the National Archives for its fifth consecutive year. This report, which is also similar to Research Report No. 1 (see above), briefly explains the nature and major accomplishments from the trip. This report lists the various record groups, entry numbers, and box numbers that the team investigated. During this year’s investigations, all research was directed at Record Group 217 — Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury. Within that record group, the team investigated five different entry numbers: 465, 481, 482, 525, and 660. The most rewarding entry, however, was Entry 525 — Settled Indian Accounts, 1817-1922. This year, the team was able to utilize a portable scanner, and given this more sophisticated technology, the team was able to scan and copy a relatively large number of appropriate records pertaining to the Trail of Tears Removal, the period immediately beforehand, and its aftermath.

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