National Trail of Tears Association -
Amounts seen below represent the cumulative totals given by the various individuals.

Land Routes ($1000 to $4999)

$2000 – Riley Bock

Water Routes ($500 to $999)

$625- Anita Finger-Smith
$600 – Jack Baker
$500 – John Wible, Jr.

Removal ($100 - $499)

Lawrence Simmons

Melissa Twaroski

Wesley Harris

Leslie Thomas

Rod Wheeler

Mike Nelson
Becky Nelson
Barbara Smith

Cleta Labrie

John Mclarty
Tony Harris
Vicki Rozema
Steven Stanley
Troy Wayne Poteete
Wanda Patterson
Bethany Rosenbaum
Debbie Moore

$100 (continued)
Lea Brit
David Breland
Brick Autry
Judy Sizemore
Sandra Boaz
Sasha Bowles
Jason Irby
Melba Eads

$100 (continued)
Joe Campbell
Sheila Yehi
Sir Glenn Jones
Jeffrey Bibbee

Treaties & Wars (up to $99)

Will Chavez
Mildred Taylor
Ulrike Wiethaus
Sandra Riley
Michael Abram
Darlene Goins

Paul Austin
Nancy Feroe
Joy Montgomery
Laura Spann
Laurie Brockman

Heather Carey
Deloris Wood
Cleata Townsend
Larry Smith
Steve Belko

Erin Whitson
Galen Gritts
Jim Ogden
Deborah Kirk
Bill Wall

Patsy Edgar
Billy Kirk
Odene Kirk
Denise Dowling
Rebekah Cessna

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Funds raised by the Society will be initially used to assist with annual conference planning and matching funds for trail exhibit panels. All members are recognized for their membership in the society.

Contributions are deductable as allowed by law. The Trail of Tears Association is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions, memorials, and honorariums should be made payable to the Trail of Tears Association/Phoenix Society, and mailed to P.O. Box 329, Webbers Falls, OK 74470.