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John Ross House

At the time of the Cherokee Removal in 1838, John Ross was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Ross lived in a two-story home in present-day Rossville, Walker County, Georgia (five miles south of downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee). In 2005, the NPS had an agreement with the John Ross Association, Inc. to document the history of the John Ross House and to provide for its future interpretation. Carey Tilley served as the project’s original historian; in mid-2006, Jeff Bishop succeeded Tilley and completed the report.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements (pg 3)
Table of Contents (pg 4)
List of Illustrations (pg 5)
An Introduction to the John Ross House Project (pg 80)
Sacred Space (pg 11)
Gertrude McDaris Ruskin, “Princess Chewani” (pg 13)
The Myth of the John Ross House (pg 20)
John McDonald and the Chickamauga (pg 27)
Inheritance: The Rosses, Will Shorey, and the Coodys (pg 57)
The Civil War: Before, During and After (pg 109)
North Georgia’s “Most Historic Home,” Nearly Lost to Oblivion (pg 143)
Rescue and Restoration: The John Ross House Association (pg 162)
The Myth of the John Ross House Re-Examined (pg 184)
The John Ross House Today (pg 192)
“Sacred Space” Revisited (The Power of Place) (pg 227)
References Cited (pg 234)

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  1. Lisa

    My name is Lisa Roberts and I am related to Chief John Ross. I believe he was my fourth grade Uncle maybe fourth grade grandfather. I wanted to know after I do my DNA test are there royalties that I should be given? Also I know the DNA will show I am Cherokee Indian maybe Choctaw also. Would like to find out about property and or monies about that. I just am not sure where to start except for the DNA test. Then can I send it to the Trail of tears association.? John Ross’s father Daniel married my relative Mary McDonald Roberts.

  2. Karen Coody Cooper

    A DNA test will not tell you which tribe you are related to, and there are no royalties. John Ross’s father Daniel Ross married Molly (Mary) McDonald who died a bit after having her last child. There were no Roberts or other marriages in her life.

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