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John Ridge Home

At the time of the Cherokee Removal in 1838, John Ridge was one of the most influential leaders in the Cherokee Nation. Ridge, the son of Major Ridge, lived in a two-story home in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia, less than five miles northeast of his father’s estate. In 2005, the NPS worked on an agreement with the Chieftains Museum to document the history of Running Waters (the John Ridge Home) and to provide a context for the house to aid in its future interpretation. Carey Tilley served as the project’s original historian; in mid-2006, William J. (Jeff) Bishop succeeded Tilley and completed the report.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements (pg 3)
Table of Contents (pg 4)
List of Illustrations (pg 5)
An Introduction to the Running Waters Project (pg 6)
Forgetting (pg 8)
John Ridge and the Treaty Party (pg 13)
Sophia Sawyer and her Mission School (pg 37)
Running Waters After the Removal (pg 48)
The Running Waters Property Today (pg 54)
Final Comments & Recommendations for Further Study  (pg 110)
References Cited  (pg 112)
Appendix A: Memorial of a Council Held at Running Waters (pg 117)
Appendix B: The Running Waters Memorial Presented to Congress (pg 128)
Appendix C: A Letter Written by John Ross to Major Ben F. Currey (pg 131)
Appendix D: A Report Filed by Ben F. Currey with the Cherokee Agency (pg 133)
Appendix E: Official Report of a Council Held at Running Waters Council Ground (pg 138)
Appendix F: A Letter Written by John Ridge (pg 143)
Appendix G: A Transcription of Correspondence From Sophia Sawyer (pg 150)
Appendix H: Photocopies of Sophia Sawyer’s Correspondence (pg 170)
Appendix I: The Treaty of New Echota (pg 229)
Appendix J: The Papers of John P. Rush (pg 249)

List of Illustrations
The Thad Rush Farm (pg 8)
A Home on Berwin Road (pg 9)
Running Water Town (pg 10)
Plat of Land Lot 67, surveyed May 24, 1832 (pg 12)
John Ridge Portrait (pg 13)
Sophia Sawyer Photograph (pg 37)
June 15, 1835 Letter Heading from Running Waters (pg 41)
Schoolwork of John Rollin Ridge (pg 46)
Dr. Georgina DeWeese and Thad Rush (pg 30)
Civil War Correspondence (pg 31)
Early Floyd County Map Showing Price Residence (pg 52)
Samuel Lovick Rush Obituary (pg 53)
Crestview Farms Webpage (pg 55)
Google Earth Map 1 (pg 56)
Google Earth Map 2 (pg 57)
Plat of Land Lot 67, surveyed May 24, 1832  (pg 57)
Google Earth Map 3 (pg 58)
PICTORIAL TOUR OF THE HOUSE AND PROPERTY (96 photographs, pp. 58-108)

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