Tracy Birdwell - Rumors About Mission in the Cherokee Nation

Jay Hannah - Treaty of New Echota - TOTA Conference 10-24-12

Dr. Brett Riggs - Natchez Tribe Among the Cherokee Nation

Dr. Brett Riggs - Creeks Removal Among The Cherokee Conference

Mock Trial of Sam & Belle Starr

Cody Berry - University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Troy Wayne Poteete - Exec. Director, National Trail of Tears Association

Gaby Nagel - Cherokee Flutist - Performance 2

Gaby Nagel - Oklahoma Flutist - Performance 1

James Langford - Come Crashing Down

Daniel Smith - Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears

Dr. Brett Riggs - Volcanism Climate and the Cherokee Treaties

Julia Coates

Susan Abram - Cherokee Veterans in the Creek War Blood Shed in Vain

Thomas Holland - Cheoah Valley and the Cherokee Removal

Sarah Hill - Removal of the Cherokees from Sixes Town, May & June 1838

Rusty Weisman - The Benge Detachment Route in Southeastern Missouri

Russell Townsend - Early Nation Building Efforts of North Carolina

Randell Jones - Rutherfords Expedition of 1776

Alfred Vick - Overcoming the Loss of Culturally Significant Plan

Lance Greene - Cherokee Towns and Farmsteads After Removal

Lamar Marshall - Cherokee Trails of the Southern Appalachians

Fay A. Yarbrough - The Cherokee Removal And Race

Rowena McClinton - The Sun City

Daniel Crews & Richard Starbuck - Cherokee & Moravians Face The Removal

Dr. Brett Riggs - Cherokee Families During the Removal

John Latty - Carrying Off The Cherokee

Rowena McClinton - Timeline and Background of the Treaty Party

Dr. Brett Riggs - Removal and Ressistance in North Carolina

Dr. Brett Riggs - Fort Amistad, Archaeology of an Army Post on the Cherokee Nation Front

Julie Reed - Who Were the Chickamauga Forty Years Later

Dr. Daniel Littlefield - General Assembly - The Family - 10-8-14

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The Return of Standing Wolf - Dr. Brett Riggs

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1838 Claims Database - Michael Wren

Anita Finger-Smith - Ethnogenesis

Dr. Brett Riggs - ..whatever risk they might run, Eastern Cherokee Resistance to the Forced Removal of 1838

Dr. Claudio Saunt - “White Supremacy and Indian Removal”: Why the United States Dispossessed the Cherokees in the Age of Andrew Jackson

Dr. Ben Steere - Cherokee Architecture: New Insights from Cultural Resource Management Archaeology in Southwestern North Carolina

Charlie Rhodarmer - Cherokee Syllabary Bicentennial

Shana Bushyhead Condill - Address from EBCI Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed

Deborah Kirk - The Act of Remembering: A Deep Map of Cherokee Forced Removal

Dr. Lance Greene - “Their Determination to Remain”: A Cherokee Community’s Resistance to the Trail of Tears in North Carolina