25th Annual Trail of Tears Conference &

Dr. Brett Riggs - ..whatever risk they might run, Eastern Cherokee Resistance to the Forced Removal of 1838

Dr. Claudio Saunt - “White Supremacy and Indian Removal”: Why the United States Dispossessed the Cherokees in the Age of Andrew Jackson

Dale Stewart

Charlie Rhodarmer - Cherokee Syllabary Bicentennial

Lamar Marshall - The Trail of Tears through the Raven Creek Settlement, aka Needmore, Little Tennessee River

Jill Jensen & Amy M. Kostine - NPS National Trails High Potential Historic Sites and High Potential Route Segments Protocol

Dr. Ben Steere - Cherokee Architecture: New Insights from Cultural Resource Management Archaeology in Southwestern North Carolina

Dr. Christopher D. Haveman - “The feet of our old people bled, our young children cried, and our horses died by the way:” The Removal of the Muscogee People to Present-day Oklahoma

Deborah Kirk - The Act of Remembering: A Deep Map of Cherokee Forced Removal

Dr. Lance Greene - “Their Determination to Remain”: A Cherokee Community’s Resistance to the Trail of Tears in North Carolina


Shana Bushyhead Condill - Address from EBCI Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed